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Improve your Personal Status with Simple Awareness

Most people don’t like to think about their status. They might feel that only conceited, narcissistic people would care about it. But it is a key element in social interactions. Check out this article on how to increase your status so you can be a force for good in your part of the world.

Adding Emotion to your UX Writing

Triggering a subtle emotional response is a key goal of call-to-action compliance. Pictures and novel design elements are the low-consideration primer of choice. But properly written emotional copy can increasing the overall conversion rate as well.

Virtual Selling and Digital Transformation

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How Digital Transformation can help you sell large-ticket home improvement jobs with little or no in-home access to homeowners

Flip The Script

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This book contains a great copywriting formula that resets the boring feature benefits playbook. Check it out as an alternative to your web copy approach.
Website Entropy is a Harsh Mistress!

Ten Indicators it is Time for a Web Redesign

Introduction: Website Entropy is a Harsh Mistress!

7 Considerations when Reopening Business after COVID-19 Pandemic

As businesses reopen, there will be opportunities to satisfy a pent up demand for retail goods and services - IF the customers feel safe! This article outlines 7 customer experience considerations when reopening retail businesses.