David Pfeiffer

Digital Strategist / Customer Experience and Information Architect

David is a Senior Digital Strategist and Customer Experience (CX) Architect for digital transformation processes, apps and websites. Having worked in the field for more than 15 years, he has contributed to over 40+ websites and mobile apps at various agencies and companies such as Hanson Dodge, BuySeasons, Accenture, Luminos Labs and his own company, DPA Software. David was the marketing manager for a best selling mSecure, an Android and iOS password manager app. In addition, he was a founder in several start-up ventures in Texas and Wisconsin.

Education: earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (BSEE) from Marquette University, has been awarded 4 patents and is a veracious reader of technology and psychology trends.

Specializes in

  • Digital Transformation Strategist – Leading discovery and strategy to develop company-wide Personas, Customer Experience and Journey maps as part of a Digital Transformation initiative.
  • Web/App Strategist/UX Lead/Information Architect – Leading Omni-channel Strategy and Customer Experience analysis and design for 6-7 figure website and app developments.
  • UX Director – Directed UX and Strategy professionals and contractors is various departmental and project goals
  • Product Owner –  PO/PM for Website and iOS/Android/Cordova apps discoveries and solution strategy development.
  • Web Compliance – Accessibility (ADA, WCAG…), Data Privacy (GDPR, CCPA…) Consulting Services and Remediation.

What People have said about David

Dave brings a wealth of expertise in areas such as user experience design, program leadership and even mobile app development. Dave’s best attribute, though, may be that he’s relentless about keeping his commitments to his clients and co-workers.

Dave has a very complete understanding of not only best practices, but exactly who in the industry is doing these things; he was always able to share with us a website of a strong brand that was doing what we were discussing, making it easier for all to understand. I look forward to working with David again in the future.

Dave knows the right questions to ask and reliably deliver solid solutions based on the answers. He led and mentored the internal UX team and worked closely with all departmental stakeholders to establish the re-platform conceptual data model and architecture. His experience, easy-going nature, and broad understanding of processes, systems, and strategy made him great to work with.

David is a great UX and Information Architect. He is very knowledgeable about the latest trends in all aspects of retail e-comm web matters. He was a tremendous help to us at Buy Seasons as we undertook a web re-platform project. If our needs so dictate, I would look to David again in the future.