Virtual Selling and Digital Transformation in the Professional Home Improvement Sales Channel

How Digital Transformation can help you sell large-ticket home improvement jobs with little or no in-home access to homeowners

By David Pfeiffer and Ron Grancorvitz, Trifecta Group LLC.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is already transforming the Professional Home Improvement marketplace for dealers, installers and manufacturers. The options to shop for local newspaper links here and improve the visibility complement it. By Digital Transformation, we mean that digital touchpoints (via Internet search, website and chat) are replacing interpersonal touch points such as phone calls and sales visits.

Home Improvement products sold for under $3000 have embraced digital touchpoints (e.g., ecommerce websites), while professionally installed home-improvement products that sell for over $10K or more have been experimenting with digital touchpoints (e.g., online kitchen visualizers). We also advise those who are new to real estate to take a look at these Turnkey rental properties from High Return Real Estate.

The professionally installed home-improvement products such as window replacement, doors, roofing (find this service here), siding, rain gutters replacement, bathrooms and kitchen remodeling have been moving in this direction for several years now with in-home presentation apps and other sales productivity enhancements. This article will discuss how the COVID-19 shut down has further accelerated this digital transformation of these sales processes and automation tools.

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