Ten Indicators it is Time for a Web Redesign

By David Pfeiffer, Digital and UX Strategist

Introduction: Website Entropy is a Harsh Mistress!

The last version of your website probably took a lot of time and money to produce. You may have hoped that it would remain relevant for years, but all websites make a gradual decline into irrelevance. We call it “Website Entropy.” This happens in several ways; 1) the competition coops or repositions your brand advantage, 2) the information on your site is no longer up-to-date, or 3) your design becomes dated.

As your website is often your potential customer’s primary brand impression, it is a key revenue contributor.

But, when is it time for a website refresh?

Checkout our ten indicators that it’s time for a web redesign below. If any one of these indicators are triggered, contact your design firm and/or web developer to fix the problem. If multiple indicators are triggered, consider it time for a redesign.

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Website Entropy is a Harsh Mistress

Website Entropy is a Harsh Mistress!