Have UX Research projects left you wondering what you paid for?

If you have been in this industry as long as I have, you know that you can waste a ton of money on market research without any clear results on how to talk to your customers. Wouldn’t you rather have a brand-aligned content strategy that addresses the pain points of your customer with an influence-based messaging at timely digital touchpoints that reposition your major competitor while enhancing conversion rate 20% on persona-designed landing pages? We can do this for you in our UX-based discoveries because this is the purpose of our personas and journey maps.

Our Big Idea

Our big idea is to build out persona-driven content maps down to the page section level that embeds messaging and SEO requirements from the marketing team to reduce content development and rework by a factor of two!

UX Research with Purpose and Useful Outcomes

Everything you have come to expect and much more!

After our UX discovery, research, and strategy development, you will have a specific roadmap for your website RFP/development project down to the page section level. Whether your digital touchpoint is an influence, eCommerce or mobile app, your audience and brand will be best-in-class in your competitive environment.

Extensive Experience

We have extensive experience delivering the above items plus we produce a messaging platform that embodies tried and true methods used to speak to each persona. This, along with our content mapping technique, aligns the information architecture to the page section level, reducing content development time and rework by 50%. rework by a factor of two!

Meet David

David is a Senior Digital Strategist and Customer Experience (CX) Architect for digital transformation processes, apps, and websites. Having worked in the field for more than 15 years, he has contributed to over 40+ websites and mobile apps at various agencies and companies such as Hanson Dodge, BuySeasons, Accenture, Luminos Labs, and his own company, DPA Software. David was the marketing manager for the best selling mSecure, an Android and iOS password manager app. In addition, he was a founder of several start-up ventures in Texas and Wisconsin.

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